IMG_0510When your schedule consists of 15 credit hour, 16 hours interning and countless more hours working through my student organization’s email and social media, there really isn’t time for a whole lot more. I’m debating the future, looking up schools and trying to figure out if I really have time to apply in time for all the deadlines. September is almost over already, and I am using this as an excuse to wear whatever I want to wear. There is never better weather to wear hats and shorts and dresses and sweaters and anything, all at the same time. Coincidentally, I also end up looking like a male hipster about 60% of the time, which I have to admit I am completely fine with.

Even though I will mourn the end of summer, I am still looking forward to everything fall, including wool socks and heavy boots, copious amounts of hot tea, red wine and force-cuddling the cat as our apartment temperature drops. I’m already scoping out winter jackets, and I might already have ordered myself a pair of fall shoes, because it still counts as “back to school” gear. I have also made some interior purchases, and hopefully within the next couple of weeks I can show off a partially decorated apartment. Somehow we are still living in boxes and suitcases..




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