Eeevee updates

IMG_0359We are finding out that our new apartment is draftier than we were first expecting. Our sunroom is kept blocked off with all the blinds down, and this nugget finds any excuse to peek through when a gap emerges. I wake up to her little paws walking across my face so that she can snuggle close to Jonas, and I am realizing that I am the third wheel in this household.

Our apartment is still a mess of suitcases and boxes, and it must all feel like kitty heaven. One minute she is pushing a shoe box around the floor and the next she is pushing open a zipper to curl up inside a suitcase filled with winter clothes. The wooden floors are slipperier than our old carpet and she skids across it as she sprints from one room to the next, sliding sideways on her belly.

Strange, annoying, playful, funny kitten, please never grow up.


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