I haven’t quite decided what I think of this weather yet, it seems like summer just won’t let go, yet fall is still looming somewhere close. How confusing is that?

What I do love is sweater, rather than jacket, weather. Boots and jeans and knits. That pretty much summarizes my life, right there. Add coffee, avocado and art supplies and that’s pretty much all I need.

It’s almost October already, and I can’t quite understand where all the time went, but at least I am still floating and surviving this crazy schedule of mine. This school year has some exciting experiences and travels coming up, and I am trying my best to make my decision as elegantly and logically as possible, but I’m not quite there yet. In two weeks I will be jetting off to Washington D.C. and after that I will have a whole week to explore Lincoln even deeper with a visitor from back home.



IMG_0622[Boots – Jeffrey Campbell; Sweater & shirt – H&M]



IMG_0510When your schedule consists of 15 credit hour, 16 hours interning and countless more hours working through my student organization’s email and social media, there really isn’t time for a whole lot more. I’m debating the future, looking up schools and trying to figure out if I really have time to apply in time for all the deadlines. September is almost over already, and I am using this as an excuse to wear whatever I want to wear. There is never better weather to wear hats and shorts and dresses and sweaters and anything, all at the same time. Coincidentally, I also end up looking like a male hipster about 60% of the time, which I have to admit I am completely fine with.

Even though I will mourn the end of summer, I am still looking forward to everything fall, including wool socks and heavy boots, copious amounts of hot tea, red wine and force-cuddling the cat as our apartment temperature drops. I’m already scoping out winter jackets, and I might already have ordered myself a pair of fall shoes, because it still counts as “back to school” gear. I have also made some interior purchases, and hopefully within the next couple of weeks I can show off a partially decorated apartment. Somehow we are still living in boxes and suitcases..



Eeevee updates

IMG_0359We are finding out that our new apartment is draftier than we were first expecting. Our sunroom is kept blocked off with all the blinds down, and this nugget finds any excuse to peek through when a gap emerges. I wake up to her little paws walking across my face so that she can snuggle close to Jonas, and I am realizing that I am the third wheel in this household.

Our apartment is still a mess of suitcases and boxes, and it must all feel like kitty heaven. One minute she is pushing a shoe box around the floor and the next she is pushing open a zipper to curl up inside a suitcase filled with winter clothes. The wooden floors are slipperier than our old carpet and she skids across it as she sprints from one room to the next, sliding sideways on her belly.

Strange, annoying, playful, funny kitten, please never grow up.